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www.manchesterweddingsphotographers.co.uk for my new, smaller but quite colourful site. This site here is pretty big...... :o}

Are you looking for the best wedding photographers in Manchester or seeking recommended Manchester wedding photographers? Do you want affordable Manchester wedding photographers that do not cost the earth but produce such fantastic photography that you would expect a higher fee? My love of wedding photography is my greatest reward. And being an active guest at your wedding is an absolute pleasure and honour. And I do earn pretty well too.... Scroll down to see lots of images...

Trust Wedding Photography of Manchester. Call Mark 07519 943579

Copyright free images, they are yours to print, share, enjoy as you wish. Full day shoots from just £695 from the Brides preparations to your first dances. App: 350 + images on a USB key-ring pen-drive. Your own private online presentation for family and friends to view, at your discretion. Secure back-up of your images. Wedding books from £245 as an extra option. 

My site is mobile friendly so you can view on your phone, on the go, although its better to view my work on your PC to view a lot of wedding images. There are some 300 images on this page and scrolling should bring them all into view but if for any reason they do not all show, just refresh your browser. For a really rapid response, within minutes, please text me. Form contact is received quickly and responded to within hours usually. Feel free to call me / 07519 943579

Images copyright protected to Manchester wedding photographer Mark Stapleton and featured clients.

Fabulous wedding photography from a thorough professional with decades of experience. This Manchester wedding photographer will save you money and delight you with your wedding photography. Call me now on 07519 943579 to chat.

Please excuse any duplicate images on my site, building the site was quite an enormous job and I have had quite a busy year. If you are getting married anywhere near Manchester, or anywhere in the UK I am happy to travel nationwide as I love my work with a passion and will capture your day far better than many others at twice my price. Get in touch today as I'm quite in demand. 07519 943579

Booking rapidly for 2016 and 2017 so please get in touch now if you love my photography and want a really affordable Manchester wedding photographer to capture your special day, anywhere at all.

I will be adding my latest wedding photography shoots in days. having been very busy with capturing and editing my latest Bride and Groom wedding shoots, I am close to finishing these edits and presentations for my delighted clients.

I am now taking quite a few bookings for 2017 so if you like my photography please get in touch straight away as it's a first come, first served basis with your wedding bookings.

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